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The Future is Now | 2023 Annual Report

Since our founding in 1853, Sheppard Pratt has been transforming care and leading the way, creating a mental healthcare continuum that advances the field. Today, the life-changing care Sheppard Pratt provides is needed now more than ever. The future we have been building toward is now.

The Latest from Sheppard Pratt

  • First-Ever Psilocybin Clinical Trial for Treatment of Bipolar II Depression Conducted at Sheppard Pratt Reveals Promising Results

    Press Release

    JAMA Psychiatry recently published a first-of-its-kind clinical trial conducted at Sheppard Pratt studying the efficacy and safety of a single dose of synthetic psilocybin accompanied by psychotherapy in treating individuals with treatment-resistant bipolar type II disorder (bipolar II). The study revealed promising results with 80% of participants meeting remission criteria 12 weeks after treatment.

  • Some Psychiatrists Have Started Prescribing Ozempic

    In the News

    Some psychiatrists have begun prescribing diabetes medications, like Ozempic, as an antidote to weight gain caused by medications for mental health. Dr. Ilana Cohen, psychiatrist at The Retreat, shares why psychiatrists may want to exercise caution when writing a prescription.

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